Until now there has not been many options available for disabled people who have trained their own dog to help them with their disability, (as opposed to buying a fully trained assistance dog) and now need guidance to assess & validate their public access capability as a team. 
CIA specializes in helping ADA disabled individuals develop or improve their service dog's manners and abilities to become a highly skilled working team in various public settings. 
CIA has developed Public Access Skills Test to provide a formal exam analyzing the effort a service dog team have put into their individual training.  The purpose of this evaluation test is to ensure that the service dog is stable and well-behaved, and the handler has control over the dog in everyday public challenges any team might encounter,  like:  hotels, stores, restaurants, vehicles, stairs, walkways, restrooms, elevators, and all types of people. Key significance of the evaluation test provides professional validation that the dog is indeed safe and in keeping with established standards of service dog behavior.
Public Access Skills 
Training & Evaluation

 Do you need to train    your own Service / Assistance / Medical Alert dog on all the necessary public access skills to go everywhere in the world with you?