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  • Does your dog or puppy try to boss you?

  • Guard resources?

  • Won't come when called?

  • Display separation anxiety?

  • Have you noticed submissive behavior?

  • Lack of boundaries?

  • Dog or people distracted or aggressive?

Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides private positive individualized training techniques for you and your dog at your home or in public locations.  We can assist you with building that wonderful relationship with your dog by helping you learn when and how to correct unwanted behavior and ways to establish good habits.  Here is a sampling:


*  House Training

*  Puppy Manners

*  Socialization

*  Crate Training

*  Basic Obedience

*  Loose Leash Walking

*  Resource Guarding

*  Perfecting the Recall

*  Distractions

*  Tricks

*  AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)      

   Training and Testing 


AKC-CGC certificate is awarded to dogs who demonstrate good manners.

It's often a prerequisite for therapy dog volunteering. 

Passing the CGC is a terrific accomplishment for both pedigreed or mixed breeds and lays the foundation for future training achievements.

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