Canine Intelligence Academy

Orange County


Want to raise and train a well-adjusted dog at home?

Would you like to have control of your dog instead of being frustrated by his behavior?

 Want to build a strong bond with your dog?

 Need help in training your own service dog

in public access skills? 

Canine Intelligence Academy (CIA) is a family-owned business providing personalized in-home dog training to residents in the greater Orange County, CA area.  Everyone benefits from a pet who has great manners, good obedience, and superior social skills, and we can help individuals and families achieve this one dog at a time. 


CIA also assists ADA disabled individuals by developing or improving public access skills to enhance their service dog team effectiveness.

Our objective is to educate you, the dog owner, to learn and understand what motivates and drives your dog's behavior.  We use positive reinforcement methods to achieve instructional goals.  In addition,  we believe that dogs want to please us and respond well to our fair, respectful, and consistent leadership. 


We believe that dogs are intelligent creatures and enjoy some form of "work" which equates to "fun" to them by providing physical/intellectual stimulation. 


                                                                               A close bond between dog and owner is critical and

                                                                                     is accomplished by spending quality playtime                                                                                                            and training time together where                                                                                                        owners and dogs are focused on eachother.


                                                                                                        CIA believes that training can and                                                                                                           does greatly enrich lives while building                                                                                                                      a loving, with man's best friend . 

Closeup of a Black Dog
Image by Jamie Street

Canine Intelligence Academy 

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